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Our mission at Living Story Therapy, PLLC is focused on empowering individuals to access their worth, develop direction, and create meaningful life story through intentional and compassionate care.

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Free Self-Care Plan

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation..."

- Audre Lorde - 

Practicing self-care sounds easy. In reality, it requires our time, energy, effort, and awareness of what helps us feel good (which is easy to forget in times of distress). Click the button below for a free PDF of a Self-Care Plan. List your personal activities and resources, look over suggestions, and keep a printed copy close by as a reminder to care for the self. 

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Shared After Session

Below are links to influential videos Amanda will often share during and after session.
Continue to check back as more links will be added.

Boundaries with Brené Brown

A short yet eye-opening interview of Brené Brown discussing the importance of boundaries for maintaining compassion for others and one's self.

The Power of Addiction with Gabor Maté

Renowned physician and author Gabor Maté offers a powerful TED Talk that challenges our dominant perspectives and biases towards addiction. 

The Secret Powers of Time with Dr. Philip Zimbardo

Do you live in the Past, Present, or Future? Watch this fascinating presentation on time perspectives by a well-known social psychologist and researcher.


Therapists are humans too...

Amanda is a quirky human who is a lover of puns, and has a habit of taking photos of neon-lighted signs. Check out her Instagram account, NeonToSomething, below to hopefully help brighten up your day! 

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