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A Non-Monogamy Support Group

Click the hyperlink above to acces a secure Google Form

The Details. 

Open Source: A Non-Monogamy Support Group is designed to help individuals work through common concerns and conflicts that arise while navigating open relationships. Members will be encouraged to identify and challenge their own beliefs and biases about intimacy and relationships, while gaining insight and perspective from others’ shared and differing experiences. 

Unlike Meetups or other polyamory-focused gatherings and events, these 6-week support groups are being facilitated by a licensed professional counselor who will help group members delve deeper into understanding their relational wants and needs, as well as process any emotions that arise. 

Each meeting will also focus on a theme related to the practice of consensual and ethical non-monogamy. Regardless of your specific relationship structure—whether it be Open, Swinging, Polyamory (Solo or partnered), or less defined—you are welcome to apply.

The Disclaimer. 

It is important when engaging in groups to share openly about your thoughts and feelings, to honestly report your behaviors, to offer helpful, clear, direct feedback to others, and to listen fully and carefully to other members’ reactions to you. To avoid conflicts of interest and ensure safety, members are expected to attend group sessions alone. This means you are not permitted to attend a group that includes your current partner(s) or any member of your current polycule. 

For accessibility, each 6-week group series will run twice per year. So, if your partner or meta is interested in joining, please encourage them to submit an application in order to join a different group date. 

How to Apply.

To apply for either cohort, please submit your application via the secure Google Form, which you can acces by CLICKING HERE

Applications are accepted on an on-going basis. Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email from the facilitator, Amanda, to schedule the free Initial Phone Consultation. This phone call will help you and Amanda determine whether Open Source is a good fit for your current needs. 


The Series

Learn about each 6-Week Support Group Series 


The Insight Series is focused on intrapersonal exploration (i.e., exploring your relationship with yourself). Topics will focus on better understanding your personal values, needs, and expectations, along with the influence of social and familial messaging. This 6-week support group will run twice in 2024 on the following Wednesdays: 

Jan. 24, Jan. 31,  Feb. 7, Feb. 14, Feb. 21, & Feb. 28 - CLOSED


Jul. 24, Jul. 31, Aug. 7, Aug. 14, Aug. 21, & Aug. 28


The Connect Series is focused on interpersonal exploration (i.e., exploring your relationship with others). Topics will focus on how to ensure ethical practice when communcating, setting boundaries, negotiating agreements, and repairing ruptures with partners. This 6-week support group will run twice in 2024 on the following Wednesdays: 

Apr. 3, Apr. 10, Apr. 17, Apr. 24, May 1, & May 8 - CLOSED


Oct. 2, Oct. 9, Oct. 16, Oct. 23, Oct. 30, & Nov. 6

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