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Trauma-Informed Narrative Therapy in Downtown Denver


Meet Amanda

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Owner & Licensed Provider

I became a therapist through a desire to "pay it forward", having benefitted from caring and supportive people in my own life during times of struggle and uncertainty. From the east coast to Colorado, my career path has led me through a variety of clinical experiences and settings: a volunteer crisis hotline, psychology research labs, inpatient correctional mental health unit, university counseling center, and non-profit healthcare. As a Licensed Professional and Licensed Addictions Counselor, I am excited to offer my therapeutic awareness and skill in private practice.


Service & Specialties 

Create meaningful life story through intentional, compassionate care at Living Story Therapy, PLLC.

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The Narrative Approach

“We live our lives through the stories we tell about ourselves, and others tell about us.” Problems enter our lives when others—a partner, family, friends, culture, society—try to edit or tell our stories for us. My intention in the counseling room is to help you explore your personal narrative(s) to create new meaning of the past, identify desired direction for your future, and offer support and empowerment in making present changes. You are the author... it will be my privilege to explore, learn, and grow with you.

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Sex Positive & LGBTQ+

I specialize in helping individuals navigate concerns and questioning of their gender identity and expression; sexual orientation; Kink and BDSM interests; and/or non-monogamous relationships (e.g., Open, Poly). My therapeutic space is welcoming, safe, and affirming for all identities and intersectionality. I further promote a non-judgmental, positive, and progressive attitude towards human sexuality through encouraging conversation on sexual health, pleasure, experimentation and risk reduction.


Managing Mood 

Just being human can be incredibly difficult. We are tasked with constantly trying to name and describe our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations... all while trying to navigate and maintain connection and relationships with other complex beings. Life is often happening faster than we can process, leaving us vulnerable to escalating anxiety and stress or deepening depression and apathy (or both!). Let's work together to explore your moods and update style and success in managing.

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HIV & Chronic Illness

Within the last 50 years, the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS went from being a definitive death sentence to a manageable chronic illness. And yet, despite significant advancement in prevention (such as PrEP) and treatment (see U=U campaign), there is still pervasive stigma, ignorance, and fear. Having previously worked for Colorado’s largest AIDS Service Organization, I bring specialized education and experience as a therapist in private practice serving people living with and affected by HIV.

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Addressing Addiction

Substances are reliable, available, non-judgmental. While using can be one of our most effective coping skills, it can serve us in ways to disconnect us from priorities, loved ones, and even our sense of self. As a Licensed Addictions Counselor, I have extensive knowledge on the drugs people use and insight regarding how we all choose. I practice Harm Reduction, meaning you will determine your relationship with substances while I offer support and promote your safety.

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Accessing Quality Care

Coming from non-profit healthcare, I am incredibly passionate about reducing as many barriers possible for people to find and access high quality behavioral healthcare. My office is located in the Cap Hill neighborhood of Denver, easily accessible by bus, car, or foot. I am also committed to helping clients navigate insurance benefits to subsidize costs. If for any reason my services are not meeting your needs, we will collaborate in finding appropriate referrals for care.


"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

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